Wednesday, April 9

|| dress x pieces | orbit necklace x  | time teller watch x nixon | ring x six ||
pictures by Michael Mistica

Who’s to say tomorrow won’t be the best day of your life?” 
Everyday could be the best day of your life - never forget that!

nothing can't stop this

Tuesday, April 1

|| cut out boots x maxshoes | bag x piperscrossing | orbit necklace x regalrose ||
pictures by michael mistica

SPRING HAS SPRUNG and everything is so wonderful, don't you think so guys?
And right now I'm absolutely in the mood to buy stuff for the summer season. You know something like: bikinis, shades, hotpants, new novels, a flight ticket to somewhere.

Well...Flight tickets- what are your destination for this year's holidays?

denim love

Monday, March 31

|| jeans jacket x cheap monday via zalando | tunica x billabong | leggings x american apparel ||
pictures by Michael Mistica

After a long holiday in the states, a new job and moving in with my boyfriend - I've made the decision to get back on this blog where everything has started. I really needed a break from blogging to realize that 'THYNH' will always be my baby.

So far...I just moved in with my baby in an amazing flat of 3 rooms. Actually we aren't done with the interior yet - you know that the part of decorating is sooo super time consuming and always a question of organisation. The walk-in closet is still a bit messy - but I picked out my all time favorites and basics, so it's so much more easier to get dressed in the morning. Otherwise I would drown between all those packages of clothing. Ewww.

My latest pick outs for a warm Sunday in Spring: a rough denim jacket (I got mine from zalando), fake leather leggings which I've paired with a oversized tunica